(Barrow and Anchorage, Alaska)

We are involved in completing the Old Testament (OT) here so that the whole Bible can be available. It’s very exciting as many more people are coming forward to be involved in the translation process. We have different translation teams working in parallel, which means that the OT should be completed much sooner. The other amazing thing is that majority of these people are volunteers! They are working out of a sense of calling to complete the OT in Inupiaq, for the blessing of the Church and the community.

Inupiaq New Testament and OT Selections

In 2017, the Inupiaq New Testament (NT) was reprinted. Selections from the Old Testament were also printed.

Pray with us

Please pray for the many new relationships and new teams as they come together. Pray that the OT would be translated in good time, so that it can get into the hands of the people. Thank God for the various partners that are helping with this project.

Help make the Bible available to people who need it most.

Inupiaq Translators in session in Barrow, Alaska.