About Inuttitut

Labrador Inuttitut (also known as Labrador Inuttut or Nunatsiavummiutut) is a dialect of Inuktitut spoken across northern Labrador. It has a distinct writing system, created by German missionaries from the Moravian Church in Greenland, in the 1760s.

About This Translation

The Moravian Church began working in Labrador in 1771. Among the tasks undertaken by the early missionaries was the translation of portions of the Bible into the native language. It was a slow process, beginning with collections of verses, and then the Gospel of John, followed by Luke. Fifty years later, in 1821, the British and Foreign Bible Society published the entire New Testament. There followed a gradual translation and publication of the books of the Old Testament. In the end there were 7 separate volumes, but never a complete text under one cover.

In 1980, a meeting of Inuit elders and educators was convened to examine the writing system. A new one was developed – the Labrador Inuit Standardized Writing System – to provide consistency and clarity. The old translation of the Bible was revised using this writing system. This revision was made possible through the dedication and commitment of many people who spent countless hours revising and reviewing the scripture. In 2008 the Canadian Bible Society published the Labrador Inuttitut Heritage Bible, containing the entire Bible published in one volume, using the new writing system.

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