Jeff Green

Dr. Jeff Green joined the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) in 2017 as a Bible translation consultant and became Senior Manager of the Scripture Translation Department in 2019.

Jeff has been involved in Bible translation since 2001. He and his family spent 11 years in East Asia, where he served with Wycliffe/Summer Institute of Linguistics in a Bible translation project and in many other roles. He helped his colleagues with their linguistic analysis and Bible translation work as a linguistics consultant and a translation consultant. He taught linguistics at both the undergraduate and graduate levels for Canada Institute of Linguistics in Langley, BC and as part of their partnership with Tyndale University College in Toronto, ON, and for Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand. His leadership experience includes serving as Language and Culture Learning Coordinator and as the coordinator of a Bible translation community of practice focused on the Himalayan region.

Since joining CBS, Jeff has been the translation consultant on projects in Plains Cree, Iñupiatun, Inuinnaqtun, Inuktitut, and Punjabi. He enjoys teaching others the things he’s had the opportunity to learn and helping others with the technical aspects of Bible translation work.

Jeff earned a Doctor of Ministry degree in Bible Translation from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in Massachusetts. He and his family live in Oshawa, ON.

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