Duncan Campbell

Duncan Campbell was born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta. He joins the Canadian Bible Society with a 30-year track record in program development and leadership, primarily in the relief and development field. He has worked with PLAN International, World Vision International, and several other international development organizations.

Immediately after university, Duncan went to Peru as a volunteer with CUSO international, where he was part of a local non-government organization (NGO) providing technical assistance to smallholder farmers. He returned to Canada to do some graduate studies in Christian Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, and then headed off to Filingué, on the edge of the Sahara Desert in Niger, to be the Projects Engineer with a small Canadian NGO.

After Niger, Duncan and his wife, Maria Elena, and their children went on to live and work in nine other countries in Africa and Latin America, primarily doing development work with the rural poor, and also providing emergency assistance to people in disaster situations. With World Vision, Duncan also had significant engagement and collaboration with local churches.

Duncan brings tremendous expertise in program development and management, and we welcome him to the Canadian Bible Society to lead the development and growth of the regional teams and programs across the country.

Contact Duncan Campbell:

Email: DCampbell@biblesociety.ca