Jordan Roy

Jordan is the Regional Director for the province of Québec. He is responsible for CBS ministry within the province. With the help of Patrice Michaud and Québec’s Ministry Leadership Team (MLT), he is working on building relationships with Christian organizations across the province, to help Québec’s primarily Francophone and Catholic people hear God speak through the Scriptures. His main challenges will be to expand the awareness of CBS offerings throughout Québec and to seize the opportunity of the current renewal of interest in Scriptures – within the Catholic church – to help them grow closer to God’s Word.

Jordan comes from a co-operative business background. He has worked in a management capacity in various co-ops and has helped develop strong relationships between co-op and community organizations.

He has a Master’s degree in Co-operative Business Administration, a B.A. in Social Services and Certificate in Psychology.

He currently lives in East Broughton, a village near Québec, with his wife of 15 years, Samantha and their two children, Louis, 6 years old, and Marie, 5 years old and is a member of a church in Saint-Georges-de-Beauce.

He devoted his life to Jesus at a young age and is very grateful to be able to work for His Kingdom in the Canadian Bible Society.