Nelly Safari

Growing up in a culturally mixed household and attending a French Catholic school in the Middle East, exposed Nelly to many points of view and religions. But when she read the Bible in her mother tongue, she realized that she had to make a personal commitment; and thus began her journey of faith.

Nelly has been working with the Canadian Bible Society since 1986, mostly in the production and publishing areas (Production Assistant, Design and Production Manager, Senior Publishing Manager). While working full-time, she continued her university studies and obtained her MA from York University and a degree in Publishing from Ryerson University in Toronto.

“When I hear stories of lives changed through the Bible, I am more encouraged to continue my small contribution to this ministry as the Director of Scripture Resources. Part of my job is to ensure that the Scriptures are available in the languages of the people of Canada in suitable formats. Reading the Bible in one’s own language is amazing and life-changing! Being a part of the Bible Society is an honour and privilege I do not take lightly.”

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