Leaving a Legacy

You can leave a legacy that brings God’s Word to those who
need it most, with a planned gift to the Canadian Bible Society.

Giving through your will

By including the Canadian Bible Society in your will, you’ll have the opportunity to continue your legacy of furthering God’s Kingdom, while still providing for your family.
To include the Canadian Bible Society in your will, you may wish to use the wording from one of our sample bequest statements.

Need assistance with estate planning?

Does your will reflect your values and beliefs?
Our partner, Advisors with Purpose can help you create a well-planned Will that meets your goals AND reflects your life, values and beliefs.
Advisors with Purpose (AWP) is a Christian ministry that helps God’s people manage God’s assets. Their highly-qualified staff will help you examine your estate and think about how to create a Will and leave a legacy that reflects your life, while taking care of the people and causes that matter to you the most.
  • There is no cost or obligation to you for this service.
  • No one will try to sell you anything.
  • None of your personal financial information will be shared with us.
For more information or to speak to a specialist, call Advisors With Purpose at 1-866-336-3315 or email them at plan@advisorswithpurpose.ca.



Updating Your Will (It’s Time) | June 2, 2020
What the webinar covered:
The children have grown, life is changing and you are dreaming about the next chapter in life. You know that the Will you did when the children were younger is now out of date, but you really haven’t given it a lot of thought or taken the time to do something about it. Let’s help you get  started.
Up-to-date information on creating/updating a Will plan by:
  • Taking all tax implications into account
  • Examining options for powers of attorney and living Wills as you age
  • Discussing options for the best way to pass on your stuff
  • Thinking about who would be the best executor
  • Considering your current and specific situation
Click here to watch the webinar recording.
The Impact of COVID-19 on Your Estate Plan | May 26, 2020
What the webinar covered:
We understand that these challenging times can create some uncertainty and anxiety for people about whether they have their affairs in order. In fact, Canadians are contacting legal professionals in record numbers to ensure that they have an up-to-date will in place.
  • The changes to the rules for RRIFs due to COVID-19, their impacts and the options people have.
  • How to create or update one’s will while in isolation.
  • How to deal with US Stock or Real Estate ownership in your will.
  • What a Family Trust is and whether it can benefit a person’s estate.
  • Since an Executor’s Job is getting more complicated, how should you choose the right person to be your Executor and what does the Executor need to know?
Click here to watch the webinar recording.


We will be running some additional webinars / phone seminars over the coming months and will update this section as soon as the dates and times have been firmed up.