Luther Bible now available as eBook

United Bible Societies — The German Bible Society is making the Bible translated by Martin Luther available as an e-book. This is the classic German Bible which, in the revised version of 1984 and with the later adaptation to the new German spelling system, is the official text of the German Protestant Church.

Alongside the printed edition, the Luther Bible is also already available as an audio book, in digital editions for computer or smartphone, and online at www.die-bibel.de.

The new e-book edition is available in ePub and Kindle formats. A list of the sites where it can be obtained in these formats is available at www.dbg.de/ebooks.

“It’s important for us to present the Luther Bible in particular in both new and old formats,” said the Rev Klaus Sturm, the Society’s General Secretary. The Luther Bible is still the most widely used and quoted German Bible, he continued. “Its language has such great power that it sticks in people’s minds. This is also true of the revised version.”

The history of the Luther Bible dates back to the early days of the Reformation. The full Luther Bible was launched in 1534 and the first official revision took place in 1892.

Source: United Bible Societies

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