More than just putting the Bible into a person’s hand

The Canadian Bible Society has for over 110 years shown its commitment and passion to make the Bible available in the first language of every person in Canada and around the world. Our commitment is more than just putting that Bible into a person’s hand, through sales or free distribution. It goes further. It means being committed to that person understanding this book and realizing that it is not like any other book in the world. This book’s message is life-giving.

We understand that this book and the God who reveals himself through this book transform lives for the better. We understand that this book universally applies to all people and people groups. We understand the great reunion between God and human beings taught in this book, and the great reunion coming for all who believe in Christ.

So we are passionate to help others know God through the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. We too have much to learn from the teachings of the Holy Christian Scriptures. We want every region of Canada to not only have access to the Bible in their first language, but also desire to read it privately and publicly. We long for the Canadian church to have their worship and their meetings be centered around this book, to read it aloud, to teach it, to help others understand it.

We are in danger in these days of taking access to this book for granted.  Or, perhaps we are in more danger of not giving enough attention to this book, for our children’s and grandchildren’s sake. The Canadian Bible Society is looking to serve the Church in all its configurations and manifestations, with the Christian Scriptures, and everyone in need, in prison, at home, newly-arrived in Canada, at camp, in small groups, men, women, children, grandchildren, everyone. As we direct our attention together toward what God has to say in the Scriptures, let us receive new hope for the present day and context, for new energy and passion for God, and for God’s ways becoming our own.


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About the Author:

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Dent is the National Director of the Canadian Bible Society.

Ordained in the Presbyterian Church in Canada in 1988, he has served congregations in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland. Dr. Dent is a long time supporter of the work of the CBS. He has served on the Board of the Newfoundland and Labrador District since 2008 and became a Governor of the national Canadian Bible Society in 2010.

Dr. Dent and his wife Lynn have been married for 34 years.

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