My Bible: the Most Worn Out Book in my Collection!

Here’s my little “holy history” about my relationship with a book which has changed my life.

As a child, I would leaf through the pages of books with Gospel pictures. This really touched my young heart. At confirmation, I was given a picture Bible showing Bible scenes and stories about events experienced by the Jewish people. However, my relationship with Christ needed to go deeper.

At 18, I had a personal encounter with Jesus. My little illustrated Bible was not enough anymore, or should I say that it had become too basic for me, as I wanted to know more. That’s when I bought my first full Bible. The Lord helped me understand that I was ready for more solid food, as I was hungry for the Word of God. I began reading the Bible by following a daily reading plan from the Canadian Bible Society. I read the first five books of the Old Testament as well as the Gospels. Moreover, this relationship with Jesus Christ was not being developed in isolation, as I began attending some small Bible sharings with my new Christian friends, who were helping me with this “encounter”.

This Word continues to sustain me. Every day, I record verses in a notebook to which I refer regularly. With time, I have been able to memorize verses. When I experience a joyful or a sad event, a word from the Bible comes to mind, comforting me and making me stronger. I also study the Bible to make it more part of me. Set on a lectern, in my bedroom, my Bible is the most worn out book in my collection! I would especially and strongly encourage you not to leave your Bible on a bookshelf, as I have done for so many years! Indeed, this book may physically wear out, but God never will. With time, the Bible has become for me no longer a book, but the very person of Christ.

Finally, I would like to mention a gift I received from my grandfather, on my mother’s side. He gave me the Bible he received at his wedding. The officiating priest wrote the following sentence inside the cover: “To my friend Maurice Dumas, on the day of your wedding… 1942.” I read again with emotion the Word of God which has abundantly blessed my mother’s family. Something to meditate upon forever!

Mr. Fred Gauthier (Quebec City)

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