Ted Seres
Welcome to the summer 2012 edition of Word at Work. I’m particularly excited about this issue as we celebrate Canada’s growing immigrant community. Each year thousands come to our nation’s majestic shores – leaving centuries of traditions and cultural identity behind in their quest for a better life. And, regardless of the language they speak or the circumstances that inspired their journey, our goal is to welcome them with open arms in the name of Christ.

Of course, like many of you, I have a close, personal connection to an immigrant’s story. My particular heritage is Hungarian. My paternal great-grandparents sailed to Canada in the early 1900s during a time when land, especially in the western provinces, was cheap and life was quite difficult across the European continent. My great-grandfather came over first and established a home in the village of St. Louis, Saskatchewan. Sometime later my great grandmother began her journey.

To help cover her fare, my great-grandmother cleaned rooms on the ship – a job that would have a lasting impact on our family. You see, one day she found a Hungarian Bible someone had thrown in the trash. She gave the Bible to my great- grandfather when she arrived in St. Louis and, whenever he had a free moment, he read through its pages. Soon God’s Word had transformed his life and he gave his heart to Christ. Yes, a discarded Bible resulted in bringing five generations of my family to faith.

Of course, the irony doesn't escape me today, because someone casually threw away a Bible, I have the privilege of overseeing a ministry that makes the Scriptures available in heart languages across Canada and around the world. The adage is true that we seldom know the lasting impact our actions will have on others. That’s why we must regularly and prayerfully consider our words and deeds because the consequences are often eternal.

In the pages that follow, you’ll read inspiring stories of those who've encountered the Bible’s eternal truths. Of course all of this work is a testament to the generosity of people like you who have given sacrificially to the work of CBS. On behalf of our field workers, translators, teachers and office staff, I thank you so very much for all you've done. May the Lord richly bless you and the gifts you have given in His Name. And if you meet one of our newest citizens, tell them you know a great book they should read!

Your friend and servant,

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Rev. Ted Seres, National Director