Ted Seres
Welcome to the summer 2013 issue of Word@Work. I’m especially excited about this edition as we look at the many doors God has recently opened for Bible engagement and distribution in Canada. We rejoice that through your generosity we continue on in the work of Bible translation, distribution and engagement, here in Canada and around the globe. But we’re encouraged God has given us the opportunity to be “salt and light” to our Canadian brothers and sisters (Matthew 5.13-16). 

Have you ever thought about the significance of Jesus’ words in these verses? Light, of course, illuminates all it touches and brings openness and clarity otherwise shrouded by darkness. But the allusion to salt is a bit more abstract. Let me suggest a possible interpretation. Anyone who’s ever cooked a meal knows that adding a few grains of sodium chloride (salt) makes everything tastier. Why? Because, according to a study conducted a few years ago, salt suppresses bitter tastes and makes the pleasing sweet and savory flavours more apparent. 

Isn’t this what the Scriptures do? They season our lives with the rich goodness of God’s love and mercy. They take away much of the bitterness that impedes the joy and spiritual abundance He so freely and willingly offers. This is the work to which we at CBS have been called – to let people “taste and see that the Lord is good” (Psalm 34.8a, NIV).

So, in the pages that follow you will read about the work our ministry partners are doing among new Canadians using the Word of Welcome Bible in ESL classes, testimonies from chaplains who use the Key to Freedom Bible in their prison outreach, and discover how street preachers use our many Bible translations to reach those who speak little or no English. You will also read some beautiful testimonies from men and women in Latin America, Asia and Africa who have been touched by the all-sufficient power of God’s Word. 

Of course, at the Canadian Bible Society we know that making God's Word available in Canada and around the world is only made possible by the generosity of people like you. On behalf of our staff, thank you so very much for all you’ve done. May the Lord continue to bless you as the year unfolds.

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