Donor Trip to Nicaragua

It is one thing to hear about the power of God’s Word.
It is another thing to experience it.

For this reason, the Canadian Bible Society doesn’t want your tour of Nicaragua to be on paper only. Instead, CBS invites you to join the 4th Annual CBS Donor Trip. This life-changing 8-day adventure is on January 22-29, 2018.

On this trip, you will experience the results of your faithful giving to CBS, and meet those who urgently need the love of God. Specifically, you will have the opportunity to:

  • See the program, “Hope and Smiles for Children with Cancer” at work at the La Mascota Hospital in Managua. You will also get the chance to speak with and get to know the precious young cancer patients;
  • See firsthand what can be accomplished when Bibles and Scriptural resources are placed into the hands of families suffering from domestic violence through the program, “Yes, There is Solution for Domestic Violence”; and
  • Visit the Bible Society of Nicaragua and meet the staff members. You will have the opportunity to hear more about what they are doing in Nicaragua and ask questions.



The projected all-inclusive cost per person:

(applies to flight departures from Calgary, AB or Toronto, ON)
Includes: round-trip flight fare, local transportation, and a tourist sightseeing day trip.

Please note that the bookings for this trip are limited and will be available on a first come, first served basis. The deadline for making your booking for this trip is December 15, 2017.

Contact Information

We would be thrilled to have you on our team to Nicaragua. For more information, contact

Total Travel Solutions
(403) 650-2009

CBS (Hannah Robinson)
Phone: (416) 689-3412

Project Information

Hope and Smiles for Children with Cancer

The state-run hospital, Manuel de Jesus Rivera Children’s Hospital – also known as La Mascota – is the only public hospital in Nicaragua dedicated to treating children afflicted with cancer. Doctors, nurses and volunteers at La Mascota receive over 6,000 children each month. And more children are being diagnosed – 220 children each year, according to reports. Although treatment in La Mascota is free, it is often a challenge for families to get their children to the hospital as they can’t afford the transportation costs.

Apart from the physical trauma endured by children undergoing treatment, cancer also takes a huge emotional toll on families. During the treatment, families who come from afar have to stay in Managua where the hospital is located, separating them from loved ones who could provide emotional support.

The program Hope and Smiles for Children with Cancer, supports children and families impacted by cancer by providing practical and emotional help through:

  • Offering spiritual support by leading devotions four times a week and by praying for each family and listening to their fears and concerns.
  • Providing Bibles to children and parents in the hospital.
  • Consoling families whose children have lost the battle with cancer.
  • Training pastors and volunteers for hospital ministry.
  • Giving free Bibles to medical teams and inviting them to join in the devotions.
  • Providing nutritious meals for the children undergoing treatment, and help with purchasing medicine.
  • Providing meals for children and their families staying in a hostel close to the hospital.
Download the “Hope and Smile for Children with Cancer” project snapshot for more information.


Yes, There is a Solution for Domestic Violence

Authorities agree that Central America is in peril. Without healing and transformation, the cycle of violence continues from one generation to the next. Adults abuse children, who grow up into adults who abuse children. And the entire region suffers.

To help address this social epidemic, the Canadian Bible Society and its global partners have launched a significant campaign in Central America: “Yes, There Is a Solution to Domestic Violence!” This initiative aims to:

  • Reach over 400,000 people in seven countries with the life-changing message of the Bible;
  • Bring about change in cultural views, particularly on how men – and society in general – treat women;
  • Provide an avenue for victims to find emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

This program is currently running in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua.

Download the “Yes, There is a Solution to Domestic Violence” project snapshot for more information.



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