Opening Day of the “Maison de la Bible”

This coming February 12, we will celebrate the reopening of the Canadian Bible Society (CBS) store, the Maison de la Bible de Québec (Quebec City Bible House). The event will begin at 1 p.m., in front of the store, located at 1025, Saint-Jean Street. The inaugural ribbon will be cut by Mr. Alain Pouliot, episcopal vicar of the Quebec City Archdiocese. The guests will then proceed inside, where Mr. Claude Noël, secretary of the Fraternité des Ouvriers Évangéliques (Brotherhood of Evangelical Workers) for the Quebec region, will ask for the Lord’s blessing.  Cocktails and cakes will then be served, in a festive setting.

A New Environment

The Maison de la Bible has been part of the scenery, on Saint-Jean Street, since 1923. Toward the end of October 2015, renovations began in order to rejuvenate the store’s front as well as the inside. The previous improvements dated back to 1985. The clients will now be welcomed into a much more modern, cleaned up and attractive environment. The changes include the addition of a children’s area and of a reading corner, which give the store a warmer feel.

An Opportunity to Share

We will collect donations for our Cuba campaign, throughout the celebration. Our goal is to distribute one million Bibles in that country, within the next five years.

Customers at Bible House openingA New Magazine

The CBS publishes a magazine entitled Actualités bibliques, twice a year; the guests will receive this magazine free of charge, during the day. Completely revamped, this publication is now called AB. Entitled « Tu m’aimes ?» (“You love me?”), the new magazine’s first issue explores the theme of love. The celebration will also be based on this theme.

The Canadian Bible Society

Established in 1904, the Canadian Bible Society is a member of the United Bible Societies, a brotherhood of 145 national Bible societies around the world. The CBS is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to translate, publish and distribute the Bible, without doctrinal comments. The CBS also promotes and encourages the use of the Scriptures, within Canada and around the world.


Émie-Liza Caron St-Pierre, in charge of communications

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