Operation Bible: Bayonets, Bullets, and Hope

 “[The Bible] has a profound sense of value … to men in their hour of greatest need.”
~ Rev. C.W. Gordon (Ralph Connor), author and Canadian Forces chaplain

On November 11, the Canadian Bible Society remembers.

We remember the strength and courage of members of the Canadian Forces who have died in the line of duty.

We also remember the important relationship forged between CBS and Canadian military personnel. For more than a century, CBS has worked to bring hope and comfort to these men and women in their hour of greatest need.

CBS’ ministry to Canadian soldiers began in 1914 when CBS supplied a special-edition, khaki-bound New Testament to every person in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces.  By the end of WWI, over 434,000 volumes were distributed to Canadian military in 18 different languages!

Later, the London Daily Telegraph wrote to the significance of the Bible Society’s efforts:

“These little books have been carried through bayonet charges and bombing attacks, in air reconnaissance and submarine feats of daring. Upon the blood-stained fly-leaves, dying hands have traced their last message to mother or wife; at Loos there was hardly a wounded man brought in that had not a khaki-bound New Testament upon him.”

As CBS’s Bible supply to the Canadian Forces has grown from that first New Testament, the Scriptures have not only brought reassurance to military men and women in dark times, they have also – on rare occasion – stopped a bullet! 

In 2007, CBS began providing complete Bibles bound in the official camouflage of the Canadian military. Along with other free resources developed by CBS to help military personnel deal with issues such as grief, anger, and doubt, the Scriptures bring much-needed encouragement to spiritually hurting soldiers.

“I see [the Word of God] transforming the lives of our soldiers. The camouflage Bibles are a gift of God for them.”
~ Padre Charles Deogratias

Due to the support of thousands of faithful donors over the past 110 years, CBS has supplied an estimated one million Bibles to Canadian military personnel.

Whatever the greatest need of our soldiers may be, God’s Word has an answer!

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