BURKINA FASO: Mooré Bible in Braille

Fingers on Braille Bible
Almost half a million visually impaired people (PVDs) live in the landlocked African country of Burkina Faso. Many suffer from curable conditions, but with limited resources to serve the entire country, treatable cases rarely receive any remedy. Tragically for most, the physical darkness they suffer is mirrored by spiritual darkness arising from isolation, lack of care, and the negative impact of their condition on their education and life skills.

PVDs who speak French can find significant spiritual resources to help them in their difficulties. However, those who speak Mooré struggle to gain access to the very Scriptures which offer them dignity and hope for their future.

20 Y/O

Most blind people in Burkina Faso are under the age of 20.


20% of people over 50 suffer from low vision.


There are only 31 ophthalmologists in Burkina Faso, one for every 16,000 visually impaired persons.


Although Christians make up only 15% of the population, 40% of PVDs will read the Braille Scriptures if they have access to them.

Mooré Braille Bible:

  • In 2023 the Bible Society will print 20 volumes of the entire Protestant Mooré Braille Bible (a transcribed Old Testament and revised New Testament) to serve as a library and post-Alpha material in 20 training centres.
  • 700 visually impaired Mooré speakers will be able to access the Scriptures in their own language and study God’s Word alongside their sighted peers for the first time.
  • Further, this program will also help PVD beneficiaries consolidate literacy and numeracy skills, giving them better access to resources available for health, hygiene, and income-generating activities

“We need the Bible for the visually impaired. My Bible gives me life!”

~ Mr Lucien Nare

The Mooré Braille Bible is having significant impact on the blind and visually impaired community in Burkina Faso, offering the light of God’s love to those walking in literal darkness. Your generosity today will enable PVDs to discover the Good News for their salvation, strengthen their faith, and experience the transforming power of God’s Word.