MONGOLIA: Mongolian Standard Version Translation

Man reading a Bible

Since 1989 when there were only a handful of followers of Jesus in Mongolia, the growth of the church in the country has exploded.

While there have a been a number of translations over the years, there is a growing need for Bible translations that speak to people where they are.

Imagine falling in love with Jesus and then facing challenges to understand His Word in your culture. This is the reality for many who come to faith in Mongolia. The Mongolian Church is hungry for God’s Word. There is a growing cry from Mongolian believers for access to a new translation in their language.

14 YRS

The Mongolian Standard Version Bible is a 14-year project that began in 2015 and will continue to 2028.


The literacy rate amongst the target audience of this project is 95%.

A Bible in Mongolia’s heart language

The Mongolian Standard Version Bible project is producing a translation of God’s Word into Mongolian using native sentence structure and phrases, while seeking to maintain the accuracy of the original texts.

It is easy to understand for both readers and listeners.

The Mongolian Standard Version Bible is welcomed by Protestant, Catholic, and Orthodox denominations in Mongolia.

“This Bible will have a lasting impact and contribution to the growth of the Mongolian Church.”

~ Purevdorj J., Head of the Evangelical Lutheran Churches in Mongolia

The Mongolian Standard Version Bible will significantly deepen the faith and understanding of the Scriptures for a growing Church amongst unreached peoples. Your support of this project today ensures that an entire nation can read God’s Word in their own language and culture.