RUSSIA: Russian Sign Language NT

Sign Language in Russia

Christian churches in Russia and former Soviet satellite countries regularly report to their Bible Societies that the number of Deaf people who want access to God’s Word rises constantly.But they have no opportunity to experience God’s Word in their language.

Scriptures translation in sign languages is necessary to benefit millions of unreached people around the globe. The visual method of presenting the Scriptures is the natural and best way to give Deaf communities access to the Bible.


20+ million – It is estimated that more than 20 million people typically use Russian Sign Language.


Global impact – Deaf people use Russian Sign Language in post-Soviet Union countries such as Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.

Bible in Russian Sign Language

The gospels of Mark and Luke and the book of Acts will be translated, and the video translations will be used for missionary work, church Bible Study and educational programs etc.

With the first translation of the Bible In RSL, the Deaf communities will have access to the complete life of Jesus, and they will know about the growth and spread of the Word of God at the beginning of Christianity.

“In 2011, we began Bible Study for the Deaf. For them, it was extremely difficult to understand the meaning of the printed Biblical text because the Deaf think by signs; most of them have poor vocabulary, confuse different words. So the only way for the Deaf to engage with the Bible is through the Visual-New, which helps them understand different meanings, expand vocabulary, and visually deliver biblical ideas: theological concepts, laws, Israel history, temple service and more other biblical ideas.”

~ Alexei Dadochkin, Pastor of Ark Church

For many Deaf people, sign language is their primary and only language. Your support will allow people to interact with the Scriptures for the first time in a language they understand.