Psalm 23

One of the most famous Psalms of all times invites us to find God, even in “the darkest valley.” We invite you to reflect on Psalm 23 and its implications for our lives—now, more than ever.

God’s promises combat the fears of us all – who are isolated within our homes. And, these fears can be ever-present to those on the front lines, who put their lives at risk every day. In Him, we fear no evil; we find comfort, and we are assured of His goodness and His love.

Canadians on the front lines of this battle recite the verses of assurance found in Psalm 23:

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Download a digital version of Psalm 23 on your phone, tablet or computer and keep it as a reminder that God’s hope is always there for you. Share with friends and family who need to find Hope in His Word. 

Psalm 23

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