Reading the Bible as a family

Who would have ever believed that reading the Bible cover to cover in 2008 would transform our family?!

Sure, my wife and three teenagers were already Christians, but life was busy and we only did our devotions separately when our individual calendars allowed. However, in 2008, the Wesleyan Church denomination encouraged all of their churches to read through the Bible using the One Year Bible, and our family took up the challenge! Besides the obvious benefits of getting into God’s Word, this opportunity brought our family together like never before. We were accountable to each other. We were competing with each other. And we actually found common ground to talk to each other (so critical during those teen years). And now that we are six years older, I see our young adults having made daily Bible reading a lifestyle choice.

I would encourage followers of Christ to read the Bible continually and see how it can transform your relationship with people closest to you.

Dr. Philip S. E. Farrell
General Board Member of the Wesleyan Church

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