The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) partners with the Welcome Home Refugee Housing Community in providing God’s Word to newcomers in Canada. CBS recently received a report from Welcome Home’s Program Director Sharon Schmidt:

Aasim* is an Iranian refugee who spent 12 years in Greece, hoping to be granted refugee status and given a chance to make his home there. After trying every avenue, he finally fled to Canada in November 2011.

Aasim is a Muslim born believer; he became a Christian after he left Iran. No one had ever shared the Good News with him until he arrived in a country where it was possible to openly share it. He could not go back to his country, however, because of his faith.

While living in Athens, he joined International Team’s refugee ministry, eventually planting and pastoring Persian Churches amongst the refugees in that city. He baptised hundreds of new believers and was involved with advocacy work on behalf of pastors that are/have been executed in Iran .

When Aasim fled to Canada, he left behind anything that would identify him as a believer, knowing that if he was caught in transit, he would be sent back to Iran and most likely killed for his faith. This included his dearly loved, well-used Persian Bible.

When Aasim arrived at Welcome Home Refugee House – as a refugee in need of shelter and supportive community, and as a missionary team member who is helping us demonstrate and share God’s love with our houseful of refugees – his greatest joy was to receive a Persian Bible!

Sharon said, “Thank you to Canadian Bible Society for helping provide this much-loved, much-needed Word for personal growth and for ministry among fellow refugees.”

*name has been changed to protect identity

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Word of Welcome Bible

The Canadian Bible Society believes that the Bible is the source of hope, comfort and strength for people who have been uprooted from their country to start a new life in another land. That is why, apart from making God’s Word available in various translations, CBS produced the Word of Welcome Bible, which is given to Canada’s new immigrants. This Bible is also being used as a text book in churches that offer ESL/FSL classes.

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