The Canadian Bible Society National Office is located at the north-east corner of the city of Toronto, Ontario. CBS first existed as an extension of the British and Foreign Bible Society, with a base in Nova Scotia, starting in the early 1800s. The Society grew as Districts were established in other Atlantic provinces, and in Upper and Lower Canada. The National Office for the Canadian Bible Society was established to provide support to the work of the Districts. It coordinated numerous projects around the world in partnership with UBS. The office was first located “in a tiny room in property belonging to the Upper Canada Bible Society, at 102 Yonge Street, Toronto.” (Source: To the Ends of the Earth, a history of the Canadian Bible Society) The Upper Canada Bible Society moved to different locations, along with the National Office.

Finally in 1980, CBS’ National Office purchased 10 Carnforth Road, Toronto where, to the present time, it continues to meet the needs of the Bible Society today.

In 2017, CBS completed a decades-long transition that culminated in the establishment of 5 Regions:

The National Office provides oversight and leadership for all of CBS’ partnerships and interventions for Bible engagement, translation, publishing, and distribution, including wholesale to retailers outside of CBS, and the online store. The NO also provides oversight for all Fundraising, Communication, Human Resources, Finance, and Admin services for the organization.

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