Each year, the Canadian Bible Society generates reports that cover our organizational and financial performances. Below are our latest National Ministry Reports, Regional Ministry Reports, and Financial reports.

2015 National Ministry Report

Our 2015 National Ministry Report features statistics and stories about Canadian Bible Society activities in Translation, Publication, Distribution, and Engagement in Canada and abroad in 2015.

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2015 Regional Ministry Reports

Our 2015 Regional Ministry Reports features local achievements regarding fundraising, events and reflections on the previous year. Below are our finalized regional reports, organized by region. ( Format: Adobe PDF; Instructions: Right-click the desired region and select "Save Link As")

  1. BC & Yukon
  2. Greater Alberta
  3. Central Ontario
  4. Eastern Ontario
  5. Quebec
  6. New Brunswick
  7. Prince Edward Island

Financial Reports

The Canadian Bible Society promises to be wise stewards of all gifts received and to engage in full financial disclosure. We are committed to exercising faithful stewardship over the funds entrusted to us. We will engage in full financial disclosure and will provide an Annual Report of all income and expenses to anyone who requests it.

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2015 Financial Statement PDF (Released in 2016, reporting on our 2015 figures)

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2014 Financial Statement PDF (Released in 2015, reporting on our 2014 figures)

2014 Financial Statement HTML

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2013 Financial Statement PDF (Released in 2014, reporting on our 2013 figures)

2013 Financial Statement HTML

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2012 Financial Statement PDF (Released in 2013, reporting on our 2012 figures)

2012 Financial Statement HTML

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2011 Financial Statement PDF (Released in 2012, reporting on our 2011 figures)

2011 Financial Statement HTML

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