Helpful Resource For Your Church Reopening In Canada

After more than three months of pandemic closures, Canada is slowly beginning to reopen. While health experts have been advising us on the physical safety risks of reopening the country, we have been reflecting on what this reopening or reuniting process means for us as a fellowship of believers.

Although we did our best to keep in touch virtually, many of our options offered minimal  opportunity for group interaction and socialization among fellow Church members.

At this time of reopening, we would like to recommend a very useful tool – The Bible Course. For this (almost) fresh start, many things may seem different, but one of the things that remains unchanged is how much we can and should grow in our understanding of the Scriptures.

As we are advised to gather in smaller groups, it will be a challenge to support entire congregations with a limited number of pastors and teachers. One solution for running multiple learning sessions is to use the same curriculum, but with a different course presentation methodology – a course that enables people to lead sessions without the need for prior training. This is what The Bible Course provides.

We pray continuously for God’s intervention over this pandemic, and we trust in His power and perfect timing to deliver us from this virus. However, as we look for a practical plan for the next 6-8 weeks, a short-term course may be an ideal next step.

Finally, we recognize the financial impact of the present circumstances over churches and their congregations, which is why we have have lowered the pricing for The Bible Course materials during this crisis:

As you consider whether to use The Bible Course as part of your church’s reopening plan, please try the first session for free. And if you have any questions about the course including how to use it with your group, send us an email at thebiblecourse@biblesociety.ca

Happy reopening!

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