Alabaster: The Bible Beautiful

Our culture is becoming increasingly visual, with access to a camera and digital media available at our fingertips. We curate and share our everyday moments with the click of a button. We are becoming a society focused on beauty and visual engagement.

When we look at Bible design, it has remained relatively the same. There have been few attempts to integrate imagery, typography, and layout design within the biblical text to engage with our rapidly growing visual culture. Similar to Renaissance artists who looked at the Scriptures and created beautiful pieces of art, the creators of the Alabaster Scripture series asked themselves, “What would that look like today?”

Alabaster, The Bible Beautiful, integrates visual imagery and thoughtful design with the Scripture text. It aims to give the reader a fresh visual experience and heightened level of contemplation while reading this ancient text – ultimately pointing to the beauty of God.

Image Process

The majority of images are original artwork created for this project. The work is derived from in-depth studies of the Scriptures, but also inherently intuitive and creative. Our hope is that the art ultimately creates conversation and contemplation, and through that process every person can experience God and His beauty.

Design Process

The design of the book serves as the mediator between visuals and words. The layouts are simple allowing the reader to focus on the image and the Scripture together. A thick 80 lb. uncoated paper is used for the interior, tying beauty to touch and sight.

Why the name Alabaster?

The name Alabaster comes from the story of the alabaster jar in Mark 14. In an extreme act, a woman breaks an alabaster jar of expensive perfume. Many people were of the opinion that what she had done was excessive. Jesus defends the woman saying, “Leave her alone…why do you bother her? What she has done is a beautiful thing.”

The Creators

Alabaster was founded by two friends, Bryan Ye-Chung and Brian Chung connected by their passion for seeing God as the ultimate artist and creator. Bryan is a visual artist and photographer, and Brian is a graphic designer.

“Sleek Christian Books Deliver the Gospels to an Instagram Generation.”

– Huffington Post

“A hipster-friendly Bible for the Instagram generation.”

– Washington Examiner

“Millennials create a Bible for the Instagram generation: ‘We are using imagery in a much more modern way’”

– Fox News

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