Rwanda Journey – Day 2

Kigali – First Impression

John, Eleanor and Bev at airport
Waiting to board. Len (left) with CBS supporters (l-r): John, Eleanor and Bev.

We arrived at the Kigali International Airport at approximately 7:00 PM local time, which is 11:00 AM in Saskatoon. You do the math for other parts of the country. We had spent about 19 hours either flying or sitting in an airport. No wonder I’m feeling tired. Tomorrow the Rwanda part of the adventure begins, but before it does I want to talk a little about my first impressions on arrival.

I was in Kigali in 2007 and a lot of changes have taken place in the intervening 6 years. First of all the population has almost doubled from about 750,000 to nearly 1.3 million. Wow! In ’07 there were very few private vehicles on the streets – mainly buses and trucks, today Kigali has similar amounts of traffic as any western city of the same size. In ’07 there were no operating traffic lights; tonight on the way to the hotel we encountered 2 traffic lights but many round-abouts. We are at the Lemigo Hotel and it is very comfortable. I have a mosquito net over my bed. I also start my Malaria pills.

I would like to ask for your prayers. Tomorrow we visit a She’s My Sister ministry site as well as the Genocide Memorial. Pray that we will experience God in these visits and that we will somehow be a blessing to the people we meet. Pray for our health and safety. Malaria is no fun. One of our team members has Celiac Disease and she has to be very careful with her diet. Please pray for her. I have this fear that Murphy (as in Murphy’s Law that says if anything can go wrong, it will) might have snuck into our luggage. Pray that we will experience very few Murphy encounters on our journey.

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About the Author:

Len Bachiu is the Director of Ministry Advancement for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He loves to write and share about his experiences through his blogsite, Keeping the Son in My Eyes – keepingthesoninmyeyes.wordpress.com.

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Please continue to pray for the staff of the Bible Society in Rwanda, their partners and the thousands of people reached by the programs, She’s My Sister and Where is the Good Samaritan?.

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