Rwanda Journey – Final Day

Rwanda – Ending as It Began

This is my last post. I have now returned home. From the time I boarded the plane in Kigali until I touched down in Saskatoon it took 28 hours – which included two 3-hour layovers in Amsterdam and Toronto. I am slowly getting re-acclimatized to life at home.

I learned so much during my one-week stay in the “Land of a Thousand Hills and a Million Smiles.” There is so much we can learn from the Rwandan people; I have found that God really can supply all their needs in Christ Jesus. They are not survivors, they are overcomers.

At the beginning of the journey, each of the participants spoke about what they wanted to have happen. These testimonies were posted earlier in this blog. Well, the journey is over and the question must be asked – “Were the expectations met?” Listen to how this question was answered.

About the Author:

Len Bachiu is the Director of Ministry Advancement for Manitoba and Saskatchewan. He loves to write and share about his experiences through his blogsite, Keeping the Son in My Eyes – keepingthesoninmyeyes.wordpress.com.

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Please continue to pray for the staff of the Bible Society in Rwanda, their partners and the thousands of people reached by the programs, She’s My Sister and Where is the Good Samaritan?.

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