More than just sending cards

“The minute or so it takes to sign and address a card is time spent thinking of someone else.”

– David Flick, Dallas Morning News

Although some may think of printed cards as ‘old school’ in this digital age, many people actually admit that they still enjoy receiving printed cards. So for those of you who enjoy sending cards, keep on sending them. People do appreciate receiving cards. And this is especially true during the Christmas season.

To make card-sending even more meaningful this year, we suggest trying one or more of the following:

  1. Send a Christmas card to a friend who is in need of God’s comfort, peace and joy – perhaps a friend who has recently lost a loved one or is feeling alone or melancholy. Christmas may be a joyous occasion for some, but for many it’s one of the loneliest times of the year.
  2. Surprise someone you haven’t connected with for a long time by sending them a card. This can potentially lead to a renewed relationship and an exciting reunion!
  3. Send a card to every person that pops into your head while preparing for Christmas and include a thoughtful note in the card letting them know why you remembered them.
  4. Ask your children to sign the cards along with you. In the past, Christmas cards were penned by children in order to help them practice their writing skills and they would present these hand-made cards to their parents. By giving your children the opportunity to sign cards, you are not only helping them improve their writing skills, you are also including them in this wonderful tradition. Think of the joy the recipients will experience when they see your children’s signatures on their cards.
  5. Add more than just your signature. Write a personalized note to each recipient, even if it’s just a line or two and include a Bible verse that you believe will touch the recipient’s heart. This may be exactly what the other person needs to help uplift their spirits during the Christmas season and throughout the new year.
  6. Pray for the individuals who will receive the cards before you send them. Prayers do wonders because of the God we pray to!

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Christmas Cards
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