Set Free From Compulsive Gambling!

Claude Girard from Quebec City has been married for 45 years. Miraculously, his wife has stuck with him, even though she found herself married to a compulsive gambler who resorted to lying, cheating and stealing in order to assuage his uncontrollable compulsion for gambling.

One thing one needs to know is that gaming on a poker machine typically means losing $20 per minute, which is $1,200 per hour, amounting to $8,200 in 6 hours. This is approximately what Claude would lose between the times he drove his wife to and back from work. Being a Christian and attending church every Sunday did not prevent him from burning his $36,000 severance pay and some $50,000 on credit!

Seeing how enslaved he was by his addiction, his wife decided to let him manage their finances. Claude then realized there was nothing left in their account. He had reached bottom. He recognized his inability to really live for God and signed up for Christian therapy, where a particular verse stood out for him: “Their sins and lawless acts I will remember no more.” (Hebrews 10.17) Since God was able not only to forgive, but also to not even remember our sins, Claude realized how much God loves his children and – because of Jesus – is able to see them as holy, no matter how bad their sins and their impact may have been.

That was 13 years ago. Today, Claude not only has remained free from gambling, but even from the very temptation of returning to his former destructive behaviour. Moreover, he is helping other people with addictions by leading two groups based on the original 12-step AA method, supplemented with Bible verses.

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