The Bible Course is on its way!

After enabling thousands of people across the UK and other parts of the world to grow in their understanding of the Bible, The Bible Courseis now coming to Canada! Presented by the Canadian Bible Society, thiseight-session course explores how key events, books, and characters in the Bible fit together as part of one BIG story — and this is accomplished through engaging video teachings, accompanied by a program guide and daily readings.   

The Bible Course can be used for 1-2-1 coaching, small groups, and larger gatherings and can take place anywhere  homes, workplaces, even prisons, etc. It can also be used with youth groups, student groups, and Bible study groups. The course is suitable for people new to Christianity and for mature Christians wanting to increase their understanding of the Scriptures. The Bible Course invites you to discover and better understand the story you are already part of. 

Both the teaching video series and the guide will be available for pre-launch purchase in April. For group orders, exclusive bonus material is available to support hosts.  

Learn more about the course content:

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