Global Bible Translations

Working in: China, Greece, Israel, Mongolia, and Serbia

Picture this: there are a confirmed 7,300+ languages in the world. The Scriptures are translated in 3,435 of these languages. It seems like we’re making progress, but if you look closely, the Bible – as a whole – is translated in 704 languages only. This means that millions of people are reading only from the New Testament or portions of the Bible (mostly, the Gospels). They have not heard the story of Joseph or Esther, nor read the words of the prophets quoted in the New Testament. Additionally, not a single Scripture was translated in 3,900+ languages, which means that people who speak them read the Scriptures in a language not their own.

Clearly, there is a lot of work to be done in the world of Bible translation.

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) is helping shorten the list of languages that don’t have the Bible. While CBS is supporting the translation of the Bible in the First Nations languages of Canada, it is also involved in various translation projects abroad by providing technical assistance, consultation expertise, and funding.

Currently, CBS is involved with the following projects:

  • CHINA: Bible Translation for Ethnic Minority People
  • GREECE: Tradition and Innovation in Bible Translation (Translators’ Training Program)
  • ISRAEL: Annotated Bible in Hebrew
  • MONGOLIA: Translation of the Mongolian Standard Version
  • SERBIA: New Testament for a New Generation

Your support today is vital in helping complete the various translation projects in Canada and around the world.

To donate via cheque, please make your cheque payable to Canadian Bible Society, and mail it to 10 Carnforth Road, Toronto, ON, M4A 2S4. Donations of $10.00 or more will be receipted immediately for online donations, and at year-end for telephone and mail donations.