Trauma Healing for the people of Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) lies at the very heart of Africa. Its lush, tropical climate boasts myriad rainforest animals – from elephants to chimpanzees – and the DRC is home to nearly 80 million people. But the country has been ravaged by the second Congo War resulting in:

  • Nearly 6 million dead;
  • More than 2 million people displaced;
  • Countless torture and war trauma survivors;
  • A staggering number of orphans;
  • Rape survivors, often rejected by family members.

Former child soldiers cry for peace and healing

During the 5 years of brutal war in the DRC, it is estimated that 30,000 children were recruited by force to fight in a conflict that claimed the lives of millions. These former child soldiers want to go home, but they are not welcome at home.


The children of Congo live with suffering caused by unspeakable evil.

Who Shall Rebuild a Broken Generation?

A boy from the Democratic Republic of the CongoThe Bible Society Trauma Healing Program in Goma provides Bibles to victims and orphans, and brings these vulnerable children the Good News that Jesus loves them. The program also offers Bible-based Trauma Counselling to children and youth in order to restore hearts of spiritually, emotionally, and physically wounded young people

A young child writes, “I learned that Jesus can help me to find joy and strength…. And to forgive those who killed my Father.”

The Canadian Bible Society is supporting the Bible-based Trauma Healing program to help bring God’s Word of comfort and peace to the people of DRC.

  • $30.00 will help 4 hurting children through trauma healing.
  • $75.00 will bring God’s healing Word to 10 victims of trauma.
  • $120.00 will bless 16 young adults with God’s Word.

In the name of Jesus, please support us today to reach the people of Congo. God’s Word heals hurting people.