Are you interested in joining our team in this exciting and re-energized adventure providing people with access to God’s Word? The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) is looking to fill the following positions:

Sales Campaign Coordinator

One Year Temporary Contract Position

Job posting ends: January 22nd 2020.
Location: 10 Carnforth Road, Toronto

The Canadian Bible Society (CBS) is looking for a dedicated Sales Campaign Coordinator who has primary responsibility for the implementation of product sales campaigns under the leadership of the Director of Scripture Resources. This includes coordinated campaigns for wholesale, retail and online sales through social media, advertising, sales visits and other avenues in order to increase awareness and sale of CBS products.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Review existing CBS products/publications in order to create relevant and effective campaigns for the sale of these products.
  • Research needs in market and submit suggestions for development of products according to market trends.
  • Stay informed of trends and developments in the fields of Christian and Bible product/publications marketing and sales and use this information in implementing sales campaigns.
  • Create regular sales campaigns for all levels of distribution: Wholesale (Trade), Online and Retail, either independently for each channel or coordinated across all levels.
  • Under the supervision of Distribution & Sales Manager, assist CBS bookstores in advertising and promotion and marketing of their products.
  • In collaboration with National Event Coordinator, create sales campaigns that can be implemented at events and pop-up stores.
  • In consultation with the Communications Team and Graphic Designer, create digital sales campaigns that would meet CBS branding requirements and would make use of existing lists/media/sites, etc.
  • In digital campaigns make use of videos and interactive tools, Google AdWords, tags, etc.
  • Find and partner with Christian product influencers, bloggers/vloggers to increase exposure of products.
  • In consultation with the French Customer Service Representative, ensure that campaigns are relevant for the French market and use the right language for this market.
  • In consultation with Programs Team, plan and carry out sales campaigns to churches and denominations.
    Set up products on Amazon.ca and monitor sales.
  • When possible visit trade customers (bookstores purchasing products from CBS wholesale) to find assess needs and to promote CBS products.
  • Develop specific sales campaigns targeting Youth (Next Generation)
  • Develop campaigns to help customers engage with products they have purchased.
  • Develop useful and relevant email lists for various types of products that could be used for eBlasts and promotional emails.
  • Create measurement and analysis tools (e.g. Google Analytics, etc.) to verify results of campaigns and implement in subsequent plans.


  • 3-5 years of experience in product sales and marketing
  • Experience working with non-profit sector desired
  • Substantial social and/or digital marketing experience
  • Demonstrated skills, knowledge and experience overseeing the design and execution of a wide range of sales and promotion campaigns
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Christian publications and products and various Bible versions
  • Strong creative, strategic, analytical, organizational, and personal sales skills
  • Strategic, action-oriented, self-starter with strong initiative
  • Commitment to working with shared leadership and in cross-functional teams
  • Strong written communications skills
  • Ability to manage multiple projects at a time
  • Able to work remotely as needed including from home
  • Lives withing commuting distance to the Toronto office location
  • Bilingual in French and English preferred

To Apply:

Join our growing team at this exciting time! Please forward your CV along with a cover letter detailing your interest in this position and the Canadian Bible Society, to humanresources@biblesociety.ca.

What does the Canadian Bible Society Do?

We are an interdenominational organization partnering with individuals, churches, and religious organizations who similarly believe that God’s Word changes hearts and lives. Whether in support of Canada’s latest incoming refugees or those affected by human trafficking in partnering countries, we continue to proudly contribute to the spiritual development of the people we reach, both in Canada and overseas. As we celebrate 115 years of ministry in Canada and abroad, the Canadian Bible Society (CBS), is uniquely poised to fulfill its mission to translate, publish, distribute, and encourage engagement with the Christian Scriptures.