Youth Questions

The Bible Society of Australia has recently released a new youth ministry blog. In one, they discuss the importance of encouraging youth to ask questions, with comments like this:

Throughout scripture we get the picture that asking hard questions of God, and wrestling with the tension and challenges of following Christ is actually a part of what it means to follow him, and in fact is a ‘health indicator’ of our faith. If you’re like me and seem to have more questions than answers – that’s quite a relief to know. Let’s continue to encourage our young people to ask honest, hard questions, and avoid giving easy answers for fear that they might come to the ‘wrong’ answer.

Along with the blogs have been two videos of youth. They say out loud what they’ve been taught is the “right answer”, but then text appears on the screen for what they are really thinking. The specific questions won’t be the same for every youth in every ministry, but it is a powerful demonstration of this idea.

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