Advent Journey

Does a baby change anything?

Canadian authors in this series:

Rupen Das

Rev. Dr. Rupen Das

Executive Director, Canadian Bible Society (CBS)

Karen Stiller

Author, The Minister’s Wife (Tyndale House, 2020), and Senior Editor, Faith Today

Matt Miles

Executive Director, Jesus Collective

Dr. Rob Meeder

Medical Director, Family Child and Youth Mental Health, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care

Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling

Senior Minister, Timothy Eaton Memorial United Church

Encountering Jesus brings hope, peace, love and joy.

2,021 years ago, a baby was born in a manger.

Generations had been waiting for the Saviour, but it is intriguing that God revealed himself to the most unexpected people. The reality of God’s presence in the unlikeliest form of a baby was life-changing for them.

Our exclusive series of videos and devotions by Canadian guest authors explores how the birth of a baby changes everything for us.

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Rupen Das

Does a baby change anything?

Week 1

HOPE in Waiting

December 5

PEACE in Anxiety

December 12

LOVE in Loneliness

December 19

JOY in Fulfillment

December 24

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This exclusive Advent series of videos and devotions by Canadian authors explores how the Christ child changes everything for us.

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