Advent Journey

Finding Hope, Peace, Joy & Love

Advent is about finding hope, peace, joy and love. It is also about waiting. We wait for the Lord to make His presence felt in our lives. We wait for things to turn around. When waiting becomes painful, it’s Christ’s hope that gives us strength. In difficult times, His peace transcends and permeates every circumstance. When circumstances rob us of our happiness, His presence gives us the fullness of joy. God is love. And Jesus, God in the flesh, came to express love to humanity as only He can.

In our exclusive series of videos and devotionals written by Canadian guest authors, we explore how God’s Word can help us to find hope, peace, joy and love.

Canadian authors in this series:

Paul Burns
Paul Burns
Former Managing Director
Twitter (now, X)
Colette Stewart
Colette Stewart
Managing Counsel
Enterprise Privacy Lead
Interac Corp.
Caleb Park
Caleb Park
Grand Opening Supervisor
Chick-fil-A Corporate
Darren Young

Darren Young
Power to Change

Lorna Dueck
Lorna Dueck
Lead Consultant
Lorna Dueck Creative

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Christmas lights

Nov 26

Sheep in hills

Week 1 | Dec 3


Week 2 | Dec 10


Week 3 | Dec 17


Week 4 | Dec 24

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This exclusive Advent series of videos and devotions by Canadian authors explores how God’s Word helps us find hope, peace, joy and love.

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