Wherever you are on your journey with the Bible, our range of Scripture-related resources and study tools can help bring the Bible to life.

The Word for Families

A series of fun story booklets – with activities – that help children, youth and families engage with the Scriptures together. These booklets are FREE to download and can be printed at home.

Daily Bible Reading

Daily Manna

Daily Manna

A list of carefully selected Bible verses that provides daily inspiration.


Daily Bible Reading Guide

If used every day, you’ll be able to read from 60 books of the Bible!

Through the Bible in a Year

This guide is designed to help you read through the entire Bible in 365 days.

Fear Not

Fear Not

“Fear Not” is a comic book series ideal for kids 8-12 years old that touches on themes of fear, anxiety, loneliness, and, more importantly, how believing in God helps us in our challenges.

Scripture Selections

Words of Comfort

52 Scripture passages that speak to our fear, our hurt, and our hunger for hope.

Words of Encouragement

This booklet contains some of the best-loved words of assurance from the Bible.

Psalm Series

Watch as Canadians proclaim the promises of Psalms 23, 91 and 121.

How we help your church engage with the Bible

Across Canada and abroad, Christian communities are looking for creative ways to stay connected with one another.

Please share these free Bible resources with your congregation, friends, neighbours and relatives. A gift to you made possible by the supporters of the Canadian Bible Society.

Bible Study Tools

What the Bible Says About Race

Your church, school or small group can engage in a conversation with this free study and video series which challenges us to live more justly towards all people.

The Bible Course

Whether you’re well versed in Scripture or just starting out on the journey, The Bible Course offers a superb overview of the world’s best-selling book.

The Word for Families

Great Flood

Abram’s Choice

David & Goliath