The Bible Course

Explore the World’s Best-Seller. An eight-session course that will help you grow in your understanding of the Bible.

For in-person groups or digital gatherings. The Bible Course can be used anywhere – homes, workplaces, churches, or even online meetings.

For Everyone. Whether you are new to or familiar with the Bible.

Coming to Canada Soon! Available only through the Canadian Bible Society.

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When will the Bible Course be available in Canada?

Both the teaching video series and the guide will be available for pre-launch purchases in April 2020 at the Canadian Bible Society online store.

How much does The Bible Course cost?
Manual$8.95 + tax and delivery fee.
DVD$35.95 + tax and delivery fee.
mp4 Download $25.95 + tax.

We will offer discounts for group purchases of 20 manuals or more!

Is the Bible Course available in French?

At this moment, The Bible Course is available only in English.

What materials and equipment are needed to host The Bible Course?

You will need at least one set of course videos (mp4 downloads or DVDs), and everyone doing the course needs a guidebook.

Who can lead The Bible Course?

The Bible Course is designed in a host/guest model, in which the role of the course leader is not to provide more teaching or instruction, but to be the host. This takes the pressure off and means that your primary focus can be showing great hospitality to the guests on the course.

To lead the course, you’ll need some time to prepare ahead of time, reviewing the material, and serving as a facilitator to the guests. We offer some exclusive and free resources to help hosts, so make sure to register your group here and stay tuned for more tips posted on our blog.

How should hosts/leaders prepare for each session of The Bible Course?

It’s advisable to watch the session beforehand and read through the manual to check the questions of the discussion time and suggested daily readings.

A few minutes before each session, we encourage hosts to make sure that technology is working fine before the guests arrive. Course leaders can also use the time to prepare any other arrangements, such as food and refreshments, if you decided to offer them for your group.

Who can participate in The Bible Course?

The course is suitable for people new to Christianity or for mature Christians wanting to increase their understanding of the Bible.

How long it takes to complete The Bible Course?

The course is divided in eight-sessions, and groups have the flexibility to plan their meetings according to their availability. Here are some popular ways in which the course has been delivered across Canada:

  • For 8 weeks, 1 session every week
  • For 16 weeks, 1 session every 2 weeks
  • For 4 weeks, 2 sessions every week
What happens after The Bible Course?

Often, when The Bible Course finishes, groups have formed real friendships and grown together, and don’t want it to stop. We suggest that, even before your group reaches the final session, you consider how you will follow on from The Bible Course. Session 8 will offer some great ideas for the next steps, both for individuals and groups.

A typical session includes:

  • Welcome from the course host
  • 30-minute teaching video
  • 25-minute discussion time
  • 10-minute personal reflection to finish

And there are daily readings between sessions.

Watch this course overview:

The Bible Course is ideal for 1-2-1 coaching, small groups, and larger gatherings and can be used anywhere – homes, workplaces, churches, prisons etc. It can also be used by older youth groups and student groups. The course is suitable for people new to Christianity, ideal as a follow up from courses like Alpha and Christianity Explores, or for mature Christians wanting to increase their understanding of the Bible.

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Learn how to run The Bible Course:

Bible Trivia

Hours and 40 minutes is how long it takes to read the entire Bible in one sitting.
Billion is the estimated number of Bibles sold and distributed worldwide, making it the best-selling book of all time.
Authors were inspired by God to write the Bible.
Sessions of The Bible Course will help you and your group to increase understanding of the Scripture’s unique story.

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