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We know that the Bible can feel overwhelming, confusing, or even hard to believe. Scripture Untangled brings you interviews with culture leaders, leaders in ministry, and Bible thinkers to inspire you to dive into the Bible and understand it.

Scripture Untangled brings you influential voices from across Canada and beyond, sharing both the impact of Scripture in their own lives, as well as how they have honestly wrestled with big and important questions of faith in Christ and the contents of Scripture. Join us on this journey as we untangle Scripture, together! Subscribe and share today.

Rupen Das

Rev. Dr. Judy Paulsen

Professor of Evangelism
Wycliffe College
Rupen Das

Rev. Dr. Anthony Bailey

Senior Minister
Parkdale United Church (Ottawa)
Rupen Das

Rev. Dr. Jon Thompson

Senior Pastor
Sanctus Church

Rupen Das

Rev. Dr. Peter Holmes

Yorkminster Park Baptist Church

Rupen Das

Sunder Krishnan

Preacher and Mentor
Rupen Das

Anatoliy Raychynets

Deputy General Secretary, Ukrainian Bible Society
Rupen Das

Kevin Garratt

Global Worker, Missions
Contributor, Two Tears on the Window (book)
Director, Nation to Nation

Rupen Das

Bishop Jenny Andison

St. Paul’s Bloor Street

Rupen Das

Lorna Dueck

Lead Consultant
Lorna Dueck Creative

Rupen Das

Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling | Ambassador, Canadian Bible Society
Hon. David Onley | Former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
Larry Ross | Founder & CEO, Larry Ross Communications

Rupen Das

Herbie Kuhn

Sports Chaplain, Athletes in Action
Co-Chaplain, Toronto Raptors
Chaplain, Toronto Argonauts

Rupen Das

Melinda Estabrooks

Host & Executive Producer
See Hear Love
Rupen Das

Dr. George Guthrie

Professor of New Testament
Regent College

Rupen Das

Daniel Im

Lead Pastor
Beulah Alliance Church

Rupen Das

Rev. Dr. Andrew Stirling

Canadian Bible Society

Rupen Das

Domenic Ruso, PhD

Lead Pastor
180 Church

Rupen Das

Charles Price

Author, preacher, pastor
Rupen Das

Danielle Strickland

Spiritual leader, justice advocate, communicator and peacemaker

Rupen Das

Dr. Beth Green

Provost and Chief Academic Officer
Tyndale University

Rupen Das

Dr. Andrew Ollerton

The Bible Course & The Bible: a story that makes sense of life

Rupen Das

Vijay Krishnan

Lead Pastor
The Well

Rupen Das

Dr. Rick Tobias

Former President and CEO
Yonge Street Mission

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