Scripture Untangled

Season 6: Episode 12 | Dave & Diane Toycen | A Journey Through Grief

Dave and Diane Toycen

Dave & Diane Toycen | Guests

Dave Toycen | Former President | World Vision Canada
Diane Toycen | Former Director of Programming | Trinity Church
Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck | Interviewer

Lead Consultant | Lorna Dueck Creative

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Watch or listen to Dave and Diane Toycen being interviewed by seasoned journalist and long-time friend Lorna Dueck. There are many interesting lessons on global and community care we could learn from Dave and Diane, but in this intimate interview, they talk about their journey of grief. They said their final goodbye to their only daughter Jocelyn in 2022 and to their daughter-in-law Linda in 2015. Listen to Dave and Diane share their story about how they as parents cope with grief and great loss.  
Dave & Diane Toycen

Dave and Diane Toycen are well-known in many Canadian circles, in part because of where their careers took them. Dave Toycen served with World Vision for 42 years – and was President of World Vision Canada for 19 years, a season which saw World Vision’s dramatic growth in efforts to serve the world’s poor. In 2018, Dave received one of the highest honours Canada can bestow – the Order of Canada, in recognition of his outstanding lifelong achievement, commitment to community, and distinguished service to the nation. Newly retired, Toycen’s current interests focus on effective leadership and governance to create vital, accountable, creative organizations and businesses. He has a continuing passion for the plight of the poor, especially children.

Diane Toycen also served as a community builder and is best known for her 24-year role as Director of Programming and Parish Life at Trinity Church Streetsville, Mississauga. Diane led a dynamic season for the growth of that church, helping establish Streetsville Church as a nation-wide beacon for how to renew and create witness and spiritual care in the Anglican Church. She retired in 2014 and continues to be active in various leadership roles.

Lorna Dueck

Lorna was a regular commentary writer on faith and public life in Canada’s leading national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and is a frequent media commentator. She has travelled the world reporting on church-led response to humanitarian crisis.

Lorna earned a Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership from Wheaton College. She has received honorary doctorate degrees from Trinity, Tyndale and Briercrest Universities. Lorna has received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for contributions to Canadian society.

Lorna and her husband Vern live in the Toronto suburbs, have been married over three decades, and delight in the adventures of their grown son and daughter.

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