Scripture Untangled

Season 7: Episode 5 | Josh Tiessen | Faith-Inspired Art by Josh Tiessen

Josh Tiessen

Josh Tiessen | Guest

International Award-Winning Artist

Lorna Dueck

Lorna Dueck | Interviewer

Lead Consultant | Lorna Dueck Creative

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Watch or listen to international award-winning artist Josh Tiessen being interviewed by seasoned journalist Lorna Dueck. Josh blends hyper-realism with faith in his stunning collection, “Creation Longs.” Join Lorna Dueck as she delves into his intricate works, exploring the ecological themes and artistic mastery behind each 1700-hour masterpiece.  

Josh Tiessen

Josh Tiessen was born in Moscow in 1995 to Canadian parents living in Russia. Based in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Tiessen is an international award-winning artist best known for his hyper-surreal shaped oil paintings, reflecting the interaction between the natural world and human-made structures. He draws upon his studies in theology, philosophy and environmentalism, earning a B.R.E. in Arts, Biblical Studies, and Philosophy. He graduated with an M.A. in Art History from the University of Toronto in spring 2024.

As a young artist, Tiessen was recognized as one of the world’s top ten prodigy artists by Huffington Post, and the only known male art prodigy in North America by global prodigy expert Dr. J. Ruthsatz. When he was a teenager, he was juried in as the youngest member of International Guild of Realism among foremost realist artists from around the world, Artists for Conservation and Society of Animal Artists, elite groups of the top nature and wildlife artists worldwide. Art Renewal Center designated Tiessen as “Associate Living Master,” and New York based gallery Jonathan LeVine awarded him First Place from 2000 artists in their international competition Search for the Next Great Artist. LeVine presented the emerging artist’s debut international solo exhibition Streams in the Wasteland in May 2019. Tiessen’s solo exhibition Vanitas and Viriditas took place at Rehs Contemporary Gallery in New York City from April to May 2023.

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Lorna Dueck

Lorna was a regular commentary writer on faith and public life in Canada’s leading national newspaper, The Globe and Mail, and is a frequent media commentator. She has travelled the world reporting on church-led response to humanitarian crisis.

Lorna earned a Master of Arts in Evangelism and Leadership from Wheaton College. She has received honorary doctorate degrees from Trinity, Tyndale, and Briercrest Universities. Lorna has received the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal for contributions to Canadian society.

Lorna and her husband Vern live in the Toronto suburbs, have been married over three decades, and delight in the adventures of their grown son and daughter.

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