Episode 7 | Domenic Ruso | How History Puts Everything Into Context

Rupen Das

Domenic Ruso | Guest

Lead Pastor
180 Church
Rupen Das

Andrew Ollerton | Interviewer

The Bible Course & The Bible: a story that makes sense of life

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This episode gets into the academic conversation as Andrew and Domenic dive into some meaty topics of Scripture based on Domenic’s expertise in church history in order to help us untangle Scripture for ourselves.
Domenic Ruso, PhD

Domenic Ruso is the founding pastor of 180 Church in Laval and most recently finished his Ph.D. in Historical Theology at Trinity College, University of Toronto. Born and raised in Montreal, Dom’s early faith experiences came from going to a Roman Catholic Church and later experiencing an added understanding of his faith within a Protestant context. Having ministered in other provinces he returned and founded a Church in Quebec. Domenic has a thorough understanding of the challenges of a faith community in the Quebec context, and also partners with other churches who have a deep love for the province of Quebec and a desire to teach and reach people for Christ.

Learn more about Domenic Ruso
180 Church: theoneeighty.ca

Dr. Andrew Ollerton

Andrew Ollerton is a theologian, pastor and popular communicator. He has experience leading churches and is a theologian who makes complex ideas simple. He works with the Bible Society, and developed The Bible Course, an eight-session guide to the big story of the Bible for small groups. Andrew is married to Charlotte and they have three kids, two fish, a snake and a dog.

Learn more about Andrew Ollerton: andrewollerton.com

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