Season 2: Episode 6 | Sunder Krishnan | The Bible: Our Story from Beginning to End

Rupen Das

Sunder Krishnan | Guest

Preacher and Mentor
Rupen Das

Joanna la Fleur | Interviewer

Speaker, podcaster, TV host, and communications consultant

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Today’s guest is retired pastor, Sunder Krishnan and we’re discussing Bible literacy in the digital age, and offering wisdom from a seasoned disciple who loves to study God’s Word every day. Sunder is known for his Bible teaching and practical approach to how to study Scripture for ourselves. You’ll find the content today immediately applicable to your own reading of the Bible and full of wisdom from Sunder who was an engineer who then became and served as a pastor for 35+ years.

Sunder Krishnan

Sunder Krishnan served at Rexdale Alliance Church in Toronto for 36 years. His primary calling in retirement is to preach and mentor the next generation while mobilizing intercessors for the Great Commission. Sunder was born in India and grew up in the capital city, New Delhi. He is a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology and received his M.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and worked with Atomic Energy of Canada. Sunder and his wife, Shyamala, have been married since 1971. They have two grown children, Vijay and Sheila, and six grandchildren.

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Joanna la Fleur

Joanna la Fleur is a speaker, podcaster, TV host, and communications consultant. With a Business Communications degree and a Masters in Theological Studies, she has been helping the Church communicate the best news in the world for over 15 years.

You can catch her interviews with Christian creatives and communicators on the Word Made Digital Podcast, communications training on the Word Made Digital Tutorials and her Bible teaching on the national TV show, See Hear Love.

She acts as an advisor to the Institute of Evangelism at Wycliffe College and is newly appointed to the Board of Governors at Tyndale University.

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