Gunfire in the Dark

Hannah will never forget the night her family awoke to shouts and gunfire engulfing their town. “While all the gunmen were screaming and running out of the building, all in one direction, we were silently praying for God’s guidance to help us escape,” she remembers.

Thankfully, they were able to escape. But like so many refugees from the Middle East, they were left with nothing as they fled the ongoing violence and danger. “The Bible Society of Jordan came to the church in a van filled with Bibles, New Testaments, children’s Bibles, and other biblical material,” she said. “We had never seen such treasures before! God’s Word brought so much comfort to our troubled souls.”

“I feel like someone is speaking from deep inside my heart when I read the Bible in my language,” she explained through her tears. “I can’t believe the peace I feel. God really cares for me and my people. His Word has really touched my heart.”

Two women

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