“I know God is healing me.”

Andrea Chávez, 16, is serving a sentence of nine years and ten months in a Detention Centre for Minors in Guatemala. Andrea was eight when her mother died and the family disintegrated.

At 11 she was sexually abused, began using drugs and joined a criminal gang. A time attending rehab and church ended when her brother was murdered.

“I was in so much pain that I started consuming drugs and joined one of the most dangerous gangs… Now I am pregnant and in prison. I regret everything I have done. I beg for forgiveness from those whose loved ones were killed because of my actions”, she says.

“Being in prison has changed my life. Bible Society workshops helped me to remember God gives us second chances. My will is to make many young people follow their parents’ advice and not to get into gangs. I know God will help me. I know He is healing me.”

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