2022 Impact Report | Rescuing and Empowering Girls

Child marriage, sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, and sex trafficking destroy the lives of millions of children and teenagers each year. Teenage girls are lured into prostitution due to poverty, peer pressure, broken homes, a lack of understanding or are forced into the trade by adults.

CBS partners challenge some of the darkest evils in the world, reaching out to rescue and empower teenage girls from spiritual and physical bondage.

Partners provide a wide range of interventions, from Biblical trauma healing to provision of food, shelter, and education. They also help in setting up micro-businesses and other legitimate ways of earning an income.

In their work, Scripture in many forms, both print and audio, allow girls to hear God speak and feel His power as they strive towards a new life.

In 2021 CBS directed your support for girls caught in sexual exploitation to ongoing ministry projects through sister Bible Societies and their partners.

CAMEROON | Project Esther

Project Esther—engaging more than 1,000 youth in awareness campaigns, camps, workshops, trainings and other events for hundreds of girls, supporting a dozen girls in income generating initiatives, and distributing 300 Bibles and 500 Bible portions.

GHANA | Awareness Campaigns and Trauma Healing Program

Awareness-campaigns for 2,000 girls aged 12 to 17 through schools, direct ministry to those already caught in the sex trade and helping churches recruit and train volunteers. Distributed 8,000 Scripture portions, Bibles, and Bible literature, as well as trauma healing programs to bring biblical comfort and hope to abused women and girls.

GUMATEMALA | Free to Live

Free to Live—temporary shelter to girls aged 7-17 who have been trafficked and sexually abused and need to experience the love of God, and the comfort, restoration and freedom through Christ that can only be found in the Scriptures. As many as 700 girls a year are affected.

“My mother died when I was very young. Ever since I was little, my uncle abused me sexually. When I turned 12, my grandfather sold me to an 18-year-old man. A few days later, I managed to run away. The police took me to a shelter but with no family to turn to, I will be here till I turn 18. In the weekly Bible Society program “Free to Live” I received Scriptures to encourage and restore me. I am thankful for having my first Bible and for the Bible workshops.”

~ Margarita, age 17, in Guatemala

Learn more about our projects in Cameroon, Ghana and Guatemala.

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