The Word of the Lord

October 25 – 27, 2024



The Word of the Lord

October 25-27, 2024


“Until I come, pay attention to the public reading of the Scriptures.” ~ 1 Timothy 4:13


Proclamation is the reading aloud of the entire or selected portions of the Bible over the course of a few days in a church or other suitable venue.


This event is designed to bring communities together around a common purpose – the reading of God’s Word.


When individuals participate – as speakers or listeners – it encourages them with their own reading of and engagement with the Bible.

In partnership with the Catholic Archdiocese of Toronto the Canadian Bible Society is hosting a 3-day intergenerational, interconfessional and multi-cultural event of reading the Bible publicly. An experience we call PROCLAMATION.

The roots of PROCLAMATION are as old as the book of Nehemiah. There, in the eighth chapter, Ezra the priest reads the law aloud to the whole assembly of Israel, from beginning to end – and spiritual renewal followed.

PROCLAMATION is having a similar impact today. Hundreds of participants have described how the Scriptures have spoken freshly to them during an event. Church leaders have seen renewal in their congregations.

PROCLAMATION is a successful way of honoring the Lord publicly and to unite your community to openly proclaim the Holy Scriptures. This 3-day GTA-wide event is open to all denominations, ages, and languages reflecting the diversity of your community. The event is an opportunity to bless those that read and those that listen. May it ignite a renewed interest in the Bible.

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