Shining a Light in the Darkness


Overcomers is a Bible-based 12-Step Support and Recovery Program to help people who are struggling with life-controlling issues and destructive habits. Overcomers is strongly and openly focused on the God of the Bible as the “higher power” to whom we can “go boldly in our time of need.”

We recently had this great news story come to us from a Pastor at Thunder Bay, Ontario.

In a small inner city neighbourhood in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Transformation Church is very outreach-focused and always looking for ways to connect with the community; a community known for drug addiction, crime and prostitution.

Last year, the church decided to run the Overcomers 12-Step Support and Recovery Program for the first time. Lead Pastor, Nathan Maskery recalls; “running Overcomers was one of the highlights of my week as the pastor of this inner-city church. Each week we met, we would sit in a circle, read through the lesson together, and then open up for discussion. Our conversations were raw, honest and challenging. It was a joy to watch a group of strangers open up with each other about their biggest struggles. We prayed for each other, offered support and invited Jesus Christ into our messes.”

This is an exciting testimony of how Overcomers helped foster a sense of community and created a safe space where this church and neighbourhood friends could come and be honest with each other about their struggles with addiction, and other destructive habits.

Pastor Maskery says, “It has become one of my favourite ministries, and I look forward to seeing how God will continue to use this ministry in the future of our church. God is up to stuff!”

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