“The burden in my heart and soul has gone”

The Syrian war drove Yasmine and her family from their home in Aleppo. They arrived in Lebanon, traumatized by the violence and the loss of their home, family, hopes and freedom.

CBS partners with the Bible Societies of Syria, Austria, Lebanon and Jordan to address the spiritual needs of refugees, supplying volunteers with Scriptures and Bible-based Trauma Healing training.

“I had flashbacks about my parents, and friends who had been killed. I spoke to my sister one day, and the next day she was dead,” she told us.

The transformation in Yasmine’s life began with the offer of a free Bible. “I met a Christian woman who invited me to church,” she said. “I didn’t know anything about Christianity or Jesus. But we started studying the Bible. I’m so glad I did!”

“The burden in my heart and soul has gone. I feel at peace. The Lord Jesus changed my life.”

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