Where faith is under siege

Trauma is the outcome of experiencing or witnessing wounds to body, mind, and soul so intense you are overwhelmed and cannot cope. Trauma can shatter faith and erase all hope.

The wounds may not be visible but the effects certainly are. Igniting hope among people who have been traumatized cannot be a casual process. It calls for commitment, training and sensitive use of God’s Word.

CBS partners with the Bible Societies of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan to address the spiritual needs of refugees, supplying volunteers with Scriptures and Bible-based Trauma Healing training.

They tell us about the great impact of this ministry, which is carried on by those who receive healing from God’s Word:

“When you see how some of the people who have been trained by us are now reaching out to street kids and so many other traumatized people, you can only praise God for this very important ministry. The traumatized are so very much on our hearts! But there is hope!”

—The Bible Society in Syria

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