word@work Issue 1 | 2024: How Darlen overcame abuse and found new life in Jesus

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“I want to thank the Bible Society and its donors for picking me from the garbage and making me a Kingdom child.”

Darlen, who lives in Cameroon, endured a dark world of pain and alienation. You see, she endured repeated abuse at the hands of her stepfather. And when Darlen turned to her mother for help, she ignored the abuse and pushed her daughter away.

Darlen felt alienated and alone… until she attended a Bible Society program for single teenage mothers. There she met Jesus through the Bible passages she read. “I soon learned to forgive, and I reconciled with my mother,” Darlen says. “I found love, joy, and happiness.”

Woman with child

Thanks to generous donors like you, Darlen received her own Bible, which has become a source of strength as conflict and violence have ravaged her village. “I have indeed experienced the protection and love of God, standing on the Word of God,” she says.

Today, Darlen operates her own sewing shop. She is using her business as a way to help others and has hired a widowed mother who is caring for three children.

“The Bible Society put laughter in my mouth,” she says. “I want to do so for others. God bless you for helping me.”

Help people like Darlen overcome abuse and find new life in Jesus through God’s Word.

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